As a tech repair specialist in my mall kiosk, I am very visible by passersby. People come to have their electronic items fixed, and they often ask questions about other products I have on display. I repair portable Bluetooth speakers, so it is natural that I would be regularly asked for advice on the best outdoor wireless speakers, such as those designed for backyards and patios. I am happy to help. I tell them that it depends on your environment and the features you want. Budget is always a big issue. Given that, I have come up with my list of preferences. I think with my background that I am a pretty reliable source of information. This happens to be an area of specialization.

Let’s say you want to stream music on your deck, what do you choose? The equipment will be part of your general landscape and maybe there is an adjacent swimming pool. On the other hand, people go for outside music on a boat, or even in the garage or basement. These have large open areas. You want a different kind of system than the one found in your fancy home theater. The point is to be wireless and have sufficient range.  A good start in a budget price range below $200 is the BT Blast Bluetooth indoor/outdoor weatherproof speaker set. It is made by Sound Appeal which has a good reputation for advanced technology. If you want to stream music wirelessly for up to sixty feet, this is a great option. You simply use your iPhone or other device that is compatible with Bluetooth. As you might already know, there are many. There you are in your yard or pool area with high fidelity sound all around. It is easy to control as well. It is nice looking with a UV-resistant finish. This is the way to go for clean, clear sound. Your neighbors will hear it all and come right over.

My next choice is a little cheaper: the AVX Audio Omni Tower with a IPX5 waterproof rating. You can take your party right into the pool! It works on a lithium ion rechargeable battery with loads of playback time. It is CSR Bluetooth 4.0 which means a top-tier subwoofer. You will love the evenly dispersed sound coming from the 60-watt output. For larger outdoor areas, this is a great choice. If you’re still struggling for ideas after that, then I’d suggest visiting

I have one more to recommend just because it is too cool. The speakers look like natural rock, especially from a distance. For those who like their equipment to blend in, it is a perfect possibility. Your guests will be amazed. They are fun, the right size, and come in two colors: sand and black. The sound quality is good with these Free Rok speakers and they look good in any yard. Who knew speakers with Bluetooth connectivity could be an outdoor décor item?