I seldom talk to other kiosk owners in the mall as I am usually preoccupied with customers or fulfilling repair orders. I work on all kinds of electronic gear and sometimes it seems as if there is a rush on everything. People drop off their item and want it back by the time they are done shopping. This puts a lot of stress on me. I had a dry spell for about an hour the other day and it afforded me the opportunity of talking to a fellow tech kiosk owner who works at an outdoor mall. He came by to compare notes. He was in my mall doing an errand and saw me from afar. I waved him over. We aren’t competitors so I was happy to share ideas on Facebook. We went over some of the new technological enhancements on small appliances like shavers, curling irons, hand mixers, clock radios and cell phones. Computers and tablets are a major topic of discussion. I have a bit of an edge on him as I repair broken eyeglass frames and install batteries in watches. The latter is a pretty good business.

As we talked, I was fascinated by the amount of foot traffic he gets outside in the winter. It is surprising given the cold. Of course, it makes sense to have a bigger volume of customers when it is warm.  People love to be outside, especially shoppers with children. While his kiosk is under a covered walkway, he has installed his own kind of air conditioning in the form of the best outdoor ceiling fan. This marvel of old-world technology has saved the day for him when the temperatures soar. Its cooling breeze keeps the customers happy while they wait for their order.

I would never need one inside as the building has its own cooling and heating system, but I was intrigued by his ingenuity. I expect that in an electronics repair man, however, and asked what else he has done to make his mini working environment more comfortable. Perhaps he could give me a few hints. He mentioned overhead storage as a great way to give yourself more working space. He also stays very organized by using a number system for items remaining for a few days. He can then retrieve them quickly with the customer comes by. He mentioned using music to attract new people and also putting out holiday decorations to make the kiosk more festive. These are all great ideas that I will have to try. I thanked him for sharing and asked him to come again for a coffee sometime soon. It gets lonely working in the kiosk by myself. I am thinking of hiring a part-time helper which will take the full load off me. Plus, I will gain an ally and someone to mull over business ideas.