Dyson’s motto is technology engineered for a superior clean. Someone has to give credit for the fine mind who invented it. Given my ability to repair and restore all kinds of electrical devices, I can appreciate this trademark. When it came time to buy a new appliance to clean my kiosk, I wanted something affordable, efficient, compact and easy to store, and reliable. I found that for sure with the cordless motorhead model. I love the lack of a tangled cord. Cord free means hassle free. I want to go home promptly when the business closes (I enjoy a privileged place in a top mall with lots of foot traffic). I don’t have to put away lavish displays, only a few tools here and there. Without a store, the foot traffic is all on the exterior but I do have to vacuum bits and pieces that are left over as I work to replace worn, defective parts in electronic gadgets. If you hate cleaning, you will want a vacuum that does everything for you. You won’t be such a procrastinator when you have a machine that works as well as the Dyson. Believe everything you hear.

At first I opted for a hand vac due to the size and then decided that it was too difficult to constantly bend over. I read about the best Dyson vacuum cleaners on line and ordered fast after finishing the customer testimonials. Here is what you get with the motorhead I bought. The features are good enough to brag about:

  • No cord, no tripping, no unravelling, and no plug in. Cords just restrict your reach and are a nuisance to drag around. Cleaning is a breeze with the motorhead. Don’t worry about running out of power.
  • I love the direct drive cleaner head which serves to drive the bristle deeper into the carpet or area rug. More dirt comes out with a quick once over. This is called brush bar power and the Dyson has 75% more than other models. Hence my choice. It was a no brainer.
  • My motorhead is powered by a digital motor V—super performance in a modest cordless model. Don’t you love technology!
  • Plus, the unit has 15 of the well-known proprietary Dyson cyclones, organized efficiently in two tiers. They work together to increase airflow and capture even fine dust.
  • You can use the unit for twenty minutes without recharging. Dyson calls it fade-free suction. It doesn’t just go off. There is still some battery life.
  • Unit has “max power mode” that offers higher suction for tough tasks.
  • Quick conversion to hand-held mode for spot cleaning. I love the multiple functions in one vacuum.
  • Hygienic bin emptying is last but by no means least.

Now, if this doesn’t convince you, nothing will. Don’t think that the motorhead is only good for small spaces like my kiosk. It is the perfect choice for any home or office. No more cords dragged around marring the baseboards. It was a never-ending battle before the cordless machines were introduced and perfected.