Electronics are my forte: I can repair most anything. Some say I have a gift. In any case, I have a tech kiosk that offers quick and reliable service to passersby who need repair fast. It is amazing how reckless people are with their tablets, laptops, cell phones, etc. They drop them in water or from a car window; they leave them on a bus or commuter train. They spill coffee on them and douse them with bottled water. I wonder sometimes why there is sticky stuff glued to their surface. Where on earth have they taken their device? I feel really sorry for these hapless wonders. Sometimes fixing them can be a real challenge…but I do it.

People thank me profusely for saving them from the horror of having to buy new gadgets. If it happens a lot, it all adds up to a tidy sum. Some people return again and again. They seem to have a knack for disaster. Why would anyone use one of their precious electronic devices in the shower or bathtub? Why does a laptop make a good lunch tray? Devices on the go are for that purpose primarily. I suggest that if you have a penchant for mishaps, you use your item in one room only.

When you are out and about, be sure to keep them covered and safe. A backpack such as the models here: https://www.backpackstyle.net/kind-backpack-ideal-college/. They are designed for college students and are great totes. They are designed with various separate, waterproof compartments so that your messy lunch or open soft drink won’t run all over your laptop. Some are zippered for extra protection (and get that open can out of there right now!). I see people walking about carrying two or three devices at once; no wonder they drop them all the time. Get with it and do what the students do: use a sturdy and reliable multi-compartment backpack.

I often think that I could design the perfect backpack for electronic devices. Okay, maybe I will make room for gym clothes, an umbrella and fold-up poncho, or an extra pair of shoes. The main purpose would dictate the layout. Bottles of water go in a pouch on the exterior since they are often left open or with a loose cap at best. A spot for car keys, a penlight, a Swiss army knife, or other necessity of life will be accommodated. The cell phone pocket is right on the outside so you can grab it quick when it rings. Some keep them in their pants or shirt pockets, but let me tell you—I have seen more than a few fall out, right in front of my eyes.

I practically have the entire design worked out in my head and just need to get pen to paper. I will then create a prototype to show the manufacturer complete with electronic devices inside. I will leave no one guessing as to the purpose of any feature. Wish me luck!